Mamma simmar

“Mamma simmar, Eklundsnäsbadet 1967″, at Ängelsbergs skulpturpark 2013, material painted jesmonite.    “Blommande stenar”  (Flowering Stones) Cast concrete, grinded, 2013 Ängelsberg Sculpute Park, Fagersta.

State of mind

Tillstånd Sandviken Konsthall 2012 med konstnärsgruppen MAKE Oil on canvas, 132 x 515 x 2 cm, 2012 Dear Family, pencil on paper, each paper 75 x 58 cm.  

Who Sees Who

Interactive installation with four computers and a camera was first shown at Gävle Art Center’s exhibition Netopi in 2000. And later at Liljevalch’s spring salon in 2001. Visitors click through …